Friday Field Trip! (With Pictures!)

It’s Friday, it’s almost summer vacation time, and I’m unemployed. So what better to do, than go on a field trip! And do I ever have a special field trip destination for you, dear readers. That’s right, I went to: Wades Supermarket! No, really. I did. Southwest Virginia’s finest locally owned and operated chain of food stores. If you’re not too afeared to learn more, jump with me. Continue reading “Friday Field Trip! (With Pictures!)”

Simpleprop is 6 … and single

For long-time visitors of the site, you may recall that each December I used to do a “Happy Birthday” article. Last year was a very busy time of year and I swore that the next year I would get back on that proverbial horse. Well, it didn’t happen this year either, so a belated Happy 6th Birthday to!!!

So what’s happened in the last couple of years on the site that we should look back and be proud of? Well, a lot actually.
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merry christmas, dammit

the gang at simpleprop hope you all have an excellent christmas / hannukah / kwanzaa / diwali / festival of lights / whathaveyou.

and, i think the world is has been screaming for this for some time now.

You May Be Experiencing Technical Difficulties

As a friendly “heads up” to all of you SP fans (all 5 of you) I as the “Editor-in-Chief” and “money man” of I made the executive decision last year that when the registration of our website expired on November 15th I would transfer the hosting from to our good friends who host the content of this site: Continue reading “You May Be Experiencing Technical Difficulties”

Best Month Ever

(And we haven’t even finished the month yet.)

No, this is not a post about VH1. That’s Wade’s gig. Or perhaps wadE’s. What I’m talking about is the increased site traffic we’ve seen here of late. I don’t think I mentioned it, but in fact last month was the largest traffic month we’ve ever had. Until this month. I sense a trend, which will hopefully continue.

So just a short Gambit today (since I’m on vacation), to say thanks for stopping by. We hope to keep you coming back for more.