Hall of Flame

I’m intending to write more on this year’s baseball Hall of Fame election results after they’re announced on Wednesday. But, after reading Jayson Stark’s article on how he filled out his ballot, I will say this:

Anyone who submitted a blank ballot should be banned from having a vote. I’ll be happy to name names when they’re published.

Gettin’ Miggy With It

Congratulations this morning to Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera, who was awarded the 2012 American League MVP tropy by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA). The main reason he won the award was his capturing of the first Triple Crown (leading the league in average, home runs, and runs batted in) since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967. (Yeah, Miggy also helped lead the Tigers to the World Series, which helps the argument for MVPness but, historically, hasn’t been required.) Such an amazing offensive output, one that hasn’t been seen in nearly five decades, was too hard for 22 of the 28 voting writers to ignore.

Unfortunately, they’re wrong.

This argument has been made elsewhere, more elegantly than I will. However, it’s yet another example of a large group of (mostly old) people saying logic and basic math should be discounted simply because a) they don’t like who’s delivering the message, and b) “it’s always been this way.” I saw enough of this in the past Presidential election.

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Less Dick. Less Bert.

Tired of inane baseball commentary? Bored with Bert’s self-absorption and circles? Fed up with Dick’s inability to discern a fly ball from a home run? Below is a list of people who I’d rather hear broadcast a baseball game than Fox Sports North’s dynamic duo:

Cory Provus and Tom Kelly
Roy Smalley and Jack Morris
Ted Robinson and Jim Kaat
Anthony LaPanta and Anthony LaPanta’s hair
Marney Gellner and Robby Inca.. Robby Inki.. Marney Gellner and Ron Coomer
Telly Hughes and Telly from Sesame Street
Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa
Dead air
The Captain and Tennille
Fran Drescher and Rosie Perez

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The Baseball Rules

An e-mail discussion about the wave (spurred on by this post) with the other SP yahoos reminded me of a list I compiled for sparklegirl several years back before a Twins game. She was wondering about behavior expectations at a baseball game, and, being a dork, I came up with a list. From what I can remember, here is Wade’s Rules for Proper Baseball Game Attendance Etiquette. (Or, y’know, WRPBGAE.)

+ No wave. It’s not as cool as you think it is. If you must, do it without getting out of your seat and disrupting my view of the game. Exception: Kids. (Mostly because they’re short.)

+ No cell phones.

+ If you happen to catch a foul ball, give it to the littlest person around you.

+ If you happen to catch a home run from the opposing team, do *not* yield to the “throw it back” chants. That’s both silly and reductive (the Cubs started it). If you feel the need to get rid of it, see the above rule.

+ Wait until the half-inning break to leave and come back to your seat. This might actually be the cardinal rule for me. My reaction ranges from the stinkeye to under-the-breath “RUDE,” depending upon how much beer I’d consumed by that point.

+ Have the correct change for the vendors who sell food and beverages in the aisles. Also: Tip generously.

+ Don’t wear apparel from opposing teams or other sports leagues. Twins apparel is encouraged but not mandatory.

+ Don’t leave until the game is over. Exception: When you’re with your kids. (Mostly because it’s too expensive to keep plying them with popcorn and ice cream for three hours.)

I hope this doesn’t come off as curmudgeonly. I simply feel that one’s behavior at a game should be respectful of the people who want to actually watch the game. I’m all about the between-inning tomfoolery. Your Kiss Cam. Your Twins Triva. (Really Trevor Plouffe? You admit that “Jersey Shore” is your favorite reality show?) Your Bon Jovi sing-along. Just keep it down during the actual game-play itself; I’d like to see Nishioka strike out in peace.

It’s about damn time…

wadE: not for the next gambit… but for Mauer to take grounders at first base.

Reports have been leaking out that the baby Jesus (or as I tried to name him, “the baseball Jesus”) has finally started taking some grounders at first base during pre-game warm ups. Although Joe Mauer has been as forceful as he can be about being the “catcher” for this team, it’s not feasible to pay a guy 23.5 million per year and have him sit out 2 out of every 7 games. The Twins need his bat (such as it is these days) in the lineup every day. If that means playing a little third base, outfield, or first base… so be it. The hometown boy’s shine has started to wear off (the team being 32-45 will do that). Even Shecky Souhan has started to rip into Mauer. Even Sid seems to be down on the golden boy . The Twins latest run started to make a previous gambit look bad, but never fear… this season is truly over.

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