blooming today, blooming tomorrow…

on the drive down to austin friday morning for the annual rummage sale extravandanza, i witnessed the following on the dairy queen sign in beautiful blooming prairie, mn:


are the people of southeastern minnesota simple, unsuspecting people, and am i just immature? 

don’t answer that.

a vast right-wing conspiracy

a.j. pierzynski. you know him. unless you’re a fan of the chicago white sox, you probably don’t like him. GQ once rated him as the 9th most hated athlete in sports. a.j. himself has said that:

“I get booed everywhere. It doesn’t matter to me, I just laugh at it. The only place I don’t get booed as loud as someone is Cleveland where (Jim) Thome gets booed louder than me. I’m used to it now. I laugh at. Most people don’t even know why they’re booing. They just hear someone boo, so they go along.”

so it makes complete sense that he gets voted in as the “Fan Favorite” for the 2006 All-Star Game. right?

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you leave town for four days…

…and when you come back your website is totally different. all for the better, imho, but i may be biased.

i spent the last few days at a family reunion (sara’s mom’s side) in colorado springs, co. despite driving for over 18 hours today to get home, i still have the mental wherewithal to make the following observations about the trip:

  1. austin may smell badly once or twice a day, but nebraska and colorado smell like that all day long.
  2. people in north-central iowa are big believers in wind power.
  3. sterling, CO, is in the midst of celebrating JULY DAY’Z [sic]
  4. nebraska: no professional sports teams = no sports talk radio (and, using the transitive property, = a long six-hour stretch for our hero)
  5. the following exchange was breathtaking:
    • MIL: (at McDonalds for a quick road breakfast) I really don’t want anything greasy…
    • Our hero: I really think that’s the wrong attitude for a place like this…

yep. that’s about it for now. i have more thoughts but, now that i don’t have to compose said thoughts amongst HTML tags in textpad, you may see them sooner rather than later….