The Legacy of David Kahn

I just did this in an e-mail to the other two yahoos on this site and it seemed like too much work to just lose in the ether.

+ Drafting and signing Rubio (eventually)
+ Hiring Adelman
+ Signing Ridnour
+ Signing Pek (although, to be fair, he was drafted by McHale)

+ Drafting Flynn (6th overall) seconds after drafting Rubio
+ Trading Lawson for a first rounder that became something called Luke Babbitt that became Martell Webster
+ Drafting Wes Johnson (4th overall)
+ Signing Ramon Sessions
+ Trading for and then re-signing Darko
+ F’ing up the two first-rounders they got for trading Al Jefferson (Donatas Motiejunas and Terrence Jones)
+ Waiving Chandler Parsons
+ Trading a second-round pick to POR to draft a guy who was too old to be drafted
+ Not giving Kevin Love a max contract deal

Not bad but not great:
+ Waiving Alonzo Gee
+ Trading Kosta Koufos
+ almost way overpaying for Nic Batum

Everything else is basically neutral.

Gettin’ Miggy With It

Congratulations this morning to Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera, who was awarded the 2012 American League MVP tropy by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA). The main reason he won the award was his capturing of the first Triple Crown (leading the league in average, home runs, and runs batted in) since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967. (Yeah, Miggy also helped lead the Tigers to the World Series, which helps the argument for MVPness but, historically, hasn’t been required.) Such an amazing offensive output, one that hasn’t been seen in nearly five decades, was too hard for 22 of the 28 voting writers to ignore.

Unfortunately, they’re wrong.

This argument has been made elsewhere, more elegantly than I will. However, it’s yet another example of a large group of (mostly old) people saying logic and basic math should be discounted simply because a) they don’t like who’s delivering the message, and b) “it’s always been this way.” I saw enough of this in the past Presidential election.

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Less Dick. Less Bert.

Tired of inane baseball commentary? Bored with Bert’s self-absorption and circles? Fed up with Dick’s inability to discern a fly ball from a home run? Below is a list of people who I’d rather hear broadcast a baseball game than Fox Sports North’s dynamic duo:

Cory Provus and Tom Kelly
Roy Smalley and Jack Morris
Ted Robinson and Jim Kaat
Anthony LaPanta and Anthony LaPanta’s hair
Marney Gellner and Robby Inca.. Robby Inki.. Marney Gellner and Ron Coomer
Telly Hughes and Telly from Sesame Street
Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa
Dead air
The Captain and Tennille
Fran Drescher and Rosie Perez

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Into Each Life Some Wayne Must Fall

*URG*. It happened again.

A co-worker just called me “Wayne.” It’s understandable in that it’s his first week on the jov.

But still.

Being called Wayne may be my biggest pet peeve. I’m not exactly sure on the reason. It’s probably because I knew two Waynes growing up, and neither is a person to whom I want to be preferred. Anyone who mistakenly calls me Wayne these days is by no way confusing or comparing me with these two, but it still irks me.

As a public service to you, gentle reader, here is the unabridged list of names that I do not like to be called. Please adjust your behavior accordingly.

  • Wayne
  • Ward
  • Big Guy
  • Chad
  • Chaz
  • Wader Tater
  • Metta Wade Peace
  • Wade Van House

(Disrep)Air Jordan

As I walked through the skyways just now, I noticed three people sporting backpacks emblazoned with the following logo:

In case you just arrived here from… well, the moon, that’s Nike’s Michael Jordan logo. (Technically, this is supposed to be referred to as “Jumpman.” I’ve never heard anyone actually use that term.) The Jordan silhouette has been used by Nike on their Jordan-branded gear since 1985. Pure marketing genuis in the mid- to late- 80’s– in my middle school, the Nike Air Jordan high-top shoes (“Jordans,” if you’re into the whole brevity thing) were much revered. Only a lucky few were able to afford such remarkable footwear, while the rest of us sullen proletariat were forced to trudge to school in our Asics, New Balances, and Nevados, likely procured from the Shoe Carnival.

This Jordan athletic idolatry made sense 20 years ago. Have you seen Michael Jordan lately?

He’s definitely not at the Barkley level of roundness, and I’m the last person to make fun of another’s weight… but you think Nike might stop pushing fitness-related gear associated with a guy who hasn’t seen a sit up in a decade.