• As I sit and watch Charlie Sheen on a crappy CBS sitcom, my first reaction is to think of how far he's fallen. But has he, really? Look here. He hasn't really done anything of substance since Wall Street in 1987. Unless you count his show-stopping performance as Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn in the Major League movies. Which you shouldn't. By the way, did you know he went through a phase from '97 to '99 where he went by Charles Sheen? Funny, that's the same period of time that I went by Waldorf Anderson.

    You call *that* chest hair?

  • Friends, I have a problem. The first step to solving an addiction is admitting to it. Well, I'm addicted. Not GHB. Not PCP. VH1. I can get *so* sucked into anything on that damn network. "Storytellers." "Where Are They Now." "Behind The Music." But those are just gateway drugs, to the ultimate narcotic: "I Love The 80's Strikes Back." I seriously get the shakes if I don't see at least one episode every 48 hours. And the weekend marathons? Please. I'm useless. I've seen the '82 episode sixteen times yet still can't turn the channel when it's on.
  • Ten coolness points to Amy for being the first person in my circle of friends to read Steinbeck's "East of Eden." We'll have intelligent discussions of the novel while drinking red wine (pinkies raised, of course) until the rest of you heathens catch up. :>

    You damn right it brought Oprah's book club back...

  • Speaking of books, I've jumped into "Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets." True, not the normal snooty stuck-up book that I go for. But sometimes you just need a book that you can go on auto-pilot and read, instead of having to suck up every word and re-read pages. Pretty good, so far.
  • Vikings? Suck. Thanks for getting my hopes up. 127 days until pitchers and catchers report.


  • Speaking of baseball, does anyone else get a little creeped out when Peter Gammons recommends bands like Three Doors Down and the Black Crowes? What is he, 80? Go listen to James Taylor, you wrinkled old fruit.
  • What's up with the cover songs showing up on the radio lately? From No Doubt covering Talk Talk's "It My Life" to Sheryl Crow (grrrr) covering Rod Stewart's "First Cut is the Deepest," the radio seems to be chock full of remakes. Which, frankly, is fine by me. Some of my friends are quite averse to the notion of cover songs, but I think putting a new spin on an old song is a great idea-- especially when you can pull it off as well as No Doubt does. Speaking of, Limp Bizkit's cover of "Behind Blue Eyes" is a disappointment. For a band that rocks, they never get to the part of the song that rocks. Sheryl Crow did a better job with her '99 cover of the same song.

    She's no Sheryl.

  • Of course, Sheryl Crow does no wrong in my eyes.
  • I was watching ESPN last night with the closed caption feature on (I was ellipticalizing), and at one point Rece Davis said something akin to "let's check in with John Clayton one last time." However, the closed caption version of this sentence was "let's Czechoslovakia Clayton one last time." Great stuff. I've always wondered if they had some sort of speech recognition software to transcribe what was said or if someone actually listened and typed. I'm now *assuming* it's the former.

    He doesn't look Czech..ish...

  • What does one do with old Halloween costumes? If anyone has any suggestions on what to do with a Kurt Cobain wig, a Deal-a-Meal tank top, or a blue polyester leisure suit, let me know.
  • A great site for a laugh: The Book of Ratings. Formerly part of the now-defunct Brunching Shuttlecocks site, author Lore Sjoberg takes odd groups of things and, well, rates them. An excerpt, from the Pizza Toppings ratings:

    Extra Cheese
    Extra cheese? If you need extra cheese on your pizza, either a) the pizza service you patronize is made up of a bunch of skimping dairy-misers and you should find yourself another pizza source, or b) your dietary needs would better be served by simply eating a bowl of hot cheese. C-

    I recommend going to the archive to check out the ratings of Christmas Songs, Chinese Food, and Cocktails.

  • I'm not sure how I sit with this whole Jessica Lynch thing. It's great she survived and all, but isn't she milking this a little bit? Granted, she even admits that the media played up her rescue. But wouldn't you think, then, that she wouldn't be on every talk show to talk about her book? Seems a bit like an opportunist to me. But who knows, I'd probably do the same thing. I find it interesting that Larry Flynt has got nude photos of Lynch but refuses to publish them. When the hell did he get a conscience?

    The new moral majority.

  • Memo to Saturday Night Live: revive the Arnold Schwarzenegger bit. It made me laugh like I hadn't done since Will Ferrell left.
  • Driving in my neighborhood on Friday night, I noticed that a house had Christmas lights up and lit. Isn't there some sort of federal regulation on this, mandating that it's done after Thanksgiving? There should be.
  • I think I'm starting to like sushi. I'm a little afraid of that. Does that preclude me from enjoying SPAM?
  • I'm afraid I may have a fight on my hands with the co-owners of this site by saying this... but Seinfeld is officially the greatest show ever. There were a few years when I thought The Simpsons was king, but now I know the error of my foolish ways. I will not be talked out of this. THE SUMMER OF GEORGE!

    How I wish you could make a living parallel parking.

  • Can a drummer really have that much to do with a band's sound? The reason I ask... R.E.M. hasn't really done much since Bill Berry left the band in 1997. "Daysleeper" and "Lotus" were ok on '98's Up, but since then? Reveal, the group's '01 release, had very little great to offer beyond "All the Way to Reno" which truly wasn't that great. They now have released a greatest hits disc that features the unreleased "Bad Day." It's... fine. Almost catchy. But just not great, you know? Not what I expected from them. Which brings up the question-- is R.E.M. getting bad, or am I just getting to the point where Jim Croce and John Hiatt are more my style? (Please don't let it be the latter.)

    I'm not here yet, am I?

  • Finally... As alluded to above, Christmas is coming. I think you know how bad I want this.

Merry Christmas. A mere six weeks early.



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