New State Fair Foods

The Minnesota State Fair has announced the new foods that can be found at this years fair. Last year I did a review of fair food, but it looks like I will have more work to do this year!

  • Chocolate covered jalapeño peppers
    • Not sure about this, but I’m willing to try it…
  • Mexican horchata (cold drink made of rice, almonds, cinnamon, vanilla and sugar)
    • I’ve heard of horchata, and I’ve heard good things, but if there isn’t alcohol in it, it’s not on my fair beverage radar
  • Jamaican jerk fries
    • Borrrr-ring
  • Crab fritters
    • Ok, now you’re speaking my language. Deep fried crab is in my state fair wheelhouse.
  • Northwoods salad (a portable caprese salad)
    • Salad? Really? Even if it’s on a stick, this new food is DOA.
  • Dirt dessert (Oreo cookies, vanilla pudding, whipped cream, cream cheese and gummy worms)
    • Sounds yummy, but this is something I can make at home… not worth the precious stomach space at the State Fair
  • Sweet-corn ice cream
    • I don’t have any desire to eat sweet corn ice cream, but it doesn’t get much more “state fair” than this. I gotta try it!
  • Coushari rice with lentils
    • Could be tasty… but at a middle eastern restaurant, not the State Fair
  • Grilled chicken pita
    • Quite pedestrian…
  • Deep-fried cookie dough
    • We’ve had deep fried cookies (although I curse Axel’s for taking them off their menu last year), so I’m ready for this!
  • Terijaki chicken on-a-stick
    • Yawn…
  • Pretzel dog on-a-stick
    • I am so down with this… in fact, I plan to have two!
  • Grilled Yankee apple pie and chocolate sandwich (brioche filled with apples and spices covered in chocolate, grilled and topped with powdered sugar)
    • Mmmmm… sounds like State Fair breakfast to me
  • Breakfast lollipop (sausage patty deep-fried on-a-stick with a side of maple syrup)
    • Ok, *this* sounds like a State Fair breakfast!

The fair is only 76 days away! I’m hungry and ready!

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  1. •Chocolate covered jalapeño peppers
    I’ve sampled these in CO. I prefer less spicy w/my chocolate and less chocolate w/my spicy.
    Kara and I look forward to your annual review. +_+

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