Feeling Brevity’s Pull

My first post for this little website measured in at a cool 807 words. I was always more of a bullet-point guy than a screeder, but, even so, my posts from that era routinely topped 1,000 words. In 2003, at roughly the same time, we introduced both the Gambit and the Forum. The former was a avenue for us to do a daily, while shorter, update; the latter was your standard web bulletin board (except with way smarter comments and cooler avatars). By definition, my writings got shorter. The Forum dried up a couple years later, and, soon after, so did the institutionalized Gambit. (A Gambit still got posted occasionally, but not according to any specific schedule). After a brief flurry of publishing after implementing our snazzy new WordPress publishing tool, I pretty much stopped posting entirely. My last single-authored post was 14 months ago; even that one was pretty brief. These days, my sole avenue for written creativity comes courtesy of Facebook’s status update feature. That’s a max of 140 characters, in case you’re scoring at home. (Or if you’re by yourself.)

What happened? Why did I stop doing something I really enjoy? Well, three kids happened, although it’s fair to say that that argument’s crap, in that I always did most of my composition at work. In the spirit of fairness, I’m doing a lot more at work than I was doing five years ago. So much that I don’t have time to write a post, though? Not really. I’m in year three of a Dubya-inspired news fast, but that doesn’t mean I’m without inspiration. I’ve become way more picky about how I write, but maybe I don’t need to be so persnickety when writing for fun. (It also doesn’t hurt that Dain has just lifted their long-time block on my access to the WordPress site.)

Oh, right, my point: my goal is to write something each day; I’m willing to wager most of that ends up here. So I’ll be hanging around here a bit more; hope that works out with you.

As you were.

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  1. “in case you’re scoring at home. (Or if you’re by yourself.)” . . . is STILL one of my favorite dumb jokes of all time.

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